Lorraine Love RD, LDN

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

About Me

Lorraine is a Registered (RD) and Licensed Nutritionist (LDN)
with over 20 year’s experience in nutrition and wellness.

She is the mother of 3 grown children, and has 3 horses, 3 dogs and, oh, yes, one husband! She lives in New Hampshire – the perfect setting for all the things she loves to do. When she is not helping people get well and stay well with healthy eating, she is gardening, riding and hiking.

She has an undergraduate degree from Middlebury College and a Masters in Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University.

I partner with my clients to uncover the root-cause of their health problems. I guide them through the testing, the dietary and lifestyle changes and customized supplement protocol needed to restore their health and vitality.

I care deeply about their results and helping them achieve real, meaninful change in their lives.

In Good Health,

~ Lorraine

Advanced Certification


Holistic Nutrition Lab Digestive Intensive


Integrative Medicine Academy GastroIntestinal Disorders Mastery


Food Sensitivity Testing and Treatment

Advanced Training


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advanced SIBO


Candida Diagnosis and Treatment


Weight Management


Adrenal and Thyroid Health


Mold and Mycotoxin Testing and Treatment


Kharajian Institute: Advanced Courses in Autoimmunity, Gastrointestinal, Hashimotos


Appointments Available in Person, by Phone or Via Skype

Covered by Most Health Insurances

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