Lorraine Love RD, LDN

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

How I Can Help

Do You Struggle With?


Brain Fog










Muscle/Joint Pain


Abdominal Pain










Weight Gain/Loss


Skin Conditions




Hair Loss

Do You Want to Know Why?

I Can Help!

I will really listen to your story...

I care about your success and walk side-by-side with you until we get to where you need to be.

I will work with you to discover the root-cause of your health issues...

Once we have found the root-cause(s), we will develop a customized, just-for-you plan. This will include diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications.

I will guide you on what tests we may need to order...

Testing may include: micronutrient, intestinal/digestive, autoimmune, hormonal, food sensitivity, heavy metals and environmental chemical burden – and how to interpret them.

I will educate you on the cause of your symptoms...

I will work with you in a step-by-step fashion on how to fix them. I will individualize the steps for YOU — your challenges, concerns, abilities, and response to the changes we have already made.

I will develop a targeted supplement program based on your individual needs...

I will provide you with a supplemental guide (timing, amounts), and offer you a discounted price on the best professional grade supplements.

I will provide you with a detailed action list following each meeting...

As your personal “Nutrition Prescription” – translating all the good research I have studied into doable, actionable, everyday, simple, empowering items—so you are very clear about what your next steps are and how to do them.

I will provide you with the practical help - the "how do I do this" kind of help you need ...

including food product suggestions, recipes, and meal planning.

I will always stay on the cutting edge of learning and knowledge...

This is a journey, that we will make together. It must be with a shared passion, shared accountability, and a shared sense of purpose

Appointments Available in Person, by Phone or Via Skype

Covered by Most Health Insurances